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In his book ‘On Becoming A Person’ after his own introduction, he proceeds to summarize his life’s work into fourteen key learnings that may be applied to understanding of interpersonal relationships and psychotherapy. The essence of Person-Centered Therapy would have been captured somewhere within these statements.

“In each case I believe they become a part of my actions in inner convictions before I realized them consciously. They are certainly scattered learnings, and incomplete. I can only say that they are and have been very important to me. I continually learn and relearn them. I frequently fail to act in terms…

This first chapter begins with Carl Rogers’ own understanding of himself, as a psychologist with a primary interest in psychotherapy (probably one of the first psychologists to actively study the process of therapy using scientific methods). He briefly described the essence of his person centered philosophy, and following his intuition, decided to visit his history to contextualize the origins of his thoughts.

Here, three very important themes of his early days stood out to me: strictness, religion, and farming.

a. It is hard to miss that he grew up in an environment that conveyed affection and love through discipline and…

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I will just refer to this place as ‘The Center’ for the sake of anonymity (for those that are really really concerned about their own application to be a clinician, feel free to message me personally to verify). And no, this is not the fraud center ran by EC. I am just trying to explain how I joined a legitimate center that technically did fit all requirements I was looking out for, but ended up being unsuitable and unhealthy for me stay in.

— — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — —…

Inconsistent and controversial, but loaded with fun and charm

I. Introduction

Pokémon Sword is one of the two recent titles released for the Nintendo Switch. Excluding the Let’s Go series, this game is the first Pokémon main series game to be featured on a proper home console rather than a handheld. This means that for the first time, Pokémon games are being powered by powerful hardware that compromise little for mobility. This should mean that as players, we can expect way more new features and better graphics from the Generation 8 games.

The game is set in the Galar region, which is…

The original gem that raised the bar and went beyond

I. Introduction

Pokémon Crystal falls under the Generation 2 of Pokémon games, and is the definitive and refined version of the generation compared to Gold or Silver. Yes, the generation that managed to slot in two regions in a single game (Game Freak were technical geniuses for sliding all that into the puny shell that is the Game Boy Color cartridge). This game was known for introducing the option to play as a female character and animating Pokémon battling sprites, breathing life into them. …

Revisiting the original formula sprinkled with anime-inspired extras

Revisiting Yellow in the year 2019 is a strange commitment. After getting a little disillusioned with the more recent Pokémon games, I have decided to embark on a little personal sidequest to re-discover what made them so good to begin with. The newer games which seems to be getting better in terms of graphical prowess and new features, but losing some of the original indescribable charm that made me consider myself a lifelong fan with pride.

I am here to discover exactly what is that charm again, and I am going to start from the beginning of the game itself.

I. Introduction

I. Introduction

What is this game about? What does it run on?

II. Narrative

What goes on in this game? What is the story like from the player’s POV? Geography? Major characters? Challenges? Is the plot emotionally significant? Pacing of the game plot? Liveliness of the game world?

III. Explorability

Basically how interesting the game world is to explore. This segment I focus more on the physical design of the game world from a player’s POV. Is it simple and engaging? Are there a lot of pleasant surprises worth exploring for? Is the layout needlessly difficult? Is the progression too linear and straightforward?

IV. Features, activities, and side quests

Here I focus…

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Person Centered Therapy as Primary Orientation

I adopt Person Centered Therapy (PCT)as my primary approach to psychotherapy, and I use it to assimilate and accommodate my learnings from other schools and areas. While I prioritize attuning to the client’s world and needs in session, I believe that PCT on its own is necessary and sufficient to create the meaningful change.

Grounding in Humanistic-Existential Theory

I have influences from the humanistic-existential school of thought from thinkers such as Irvin Yalom, Rollo May, and Abraham Maslow. Even Carl Rogers himself was a pretty existentially inclined thinker. …

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Currently practicing as a counsellor-in-training, I have a deep appreciation for the Person Centered Approach pioneered by the psychologist Carl Rogers. I adopt it primarily as my theoretical approach in session and case formulation, and spend a lot of time thinking about it. How can I use PCT (Person Centered Therapy) to approach this client? How do I conceptualize this case with the PCT framework? How do I integrate my learning from other schools of thought? Is this practice in line with the tenets of PCT?

From my side of the world (Malaysia), there is actually a lack of support…

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I was mostly about to simply ruminate over what it means to have last year end for me. 2019 was an unusually long and rich one, but still it felt abrupt when it was over. It is strange to imagine that tomorrow onwards I will be writing 2020 instead of 2019 on the date sections. Yet, because my semester at Monash is only halfway, it barely feels like an end of anything tangible. I still have to go to ongoing classes and internship duties at Taylor’s University. I still have another autobiography to write and ongoing research literature to read.

JY Tan

Psychology enthusiast, trainee counsellor, washed up scientist, struggling writer. Sometimes reviews games and books, but mostly rants about life’s left hooks.

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