My Orientation and Influences

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Person Centered Therapy as Primary Orientation

I adopt Person Centered Therapy (PCT)as my primary approach to psychotherapy, and I use it to assimilate and accommodate my learnings from other schools and areas. While I prioritize attuning to the client’s world and needs in session, I believe that PCT on its own is necessary and sufficient to create the meaningful change.

Grounding in Humanistic-Existential Theory

I have influences from the humanistic-existential school of thought from thinkers such as Irvin Yalom, Rollo May, and Abraham Maslow. Even Carl Rogers himself was a pretty existentially inclined thinker. Most of my thinking was shaped by Evone Phoo (HELP University) and Todd DuBose (The Chicago School of Professional Psychology).

Adlerian Therapy/Individual Psychology

Inspired by Ichirou Kishimi and Fumitake Koga’s books, I once listed Adlerian as my theoretical orientation, but I have never managed to practice it as a whole as it requires too much directivity and expertise on my part. That being said, I have a lot of interest and respect for Alfred Adler’s theory and I found its primary philosophies to be very consistent with person-centered theory. I suspect Carl Rogers himself might have been influenced in some ways by Adlerian philosophy.

Positive Psychology

Most of my academic life as a psychology student has been spent mostly reading positive psychology and the ‘good life’. I have a developed a keen eye for constructs such as gratitude, self-compassion, contentedness, and eudaimonia, and often make recommendations for clients which involve exercises taken from positive psychology interventions.

Compassion-Focused Therapy and Meaning Centered Counselling

These two are more modern approaches developed from molding the ancient virtues of compassion and meaning-seeking into CBT-inspired frameworks. I am currently still slowly picking them up and assimilating them into person-centered practice, but I have no doubts about the importance and robustness of these approaches.

Psychology enthusiast, trainee counsellor, washed up scientist, struggling writer. Sometimes reviews games and books, but mostly rants about life’s left hooks.

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