Things Game Freak Can Learn From Pokemon Uranium (Part 3)

Image taken from Gaming Rebellion.

Here are some of the tradition-breaking touches that really make Uranium stand out from the rest. I will omit some obvious ones like a built-in Nuzlocke. Part 1 and Part 2 have already been uploaded earlier!

Nice GUI

HM Tinker

Gym Leaders With Character

Good Music

Anime Inspired Pokemon League

A Memorable Rival

EV Training

Tsukinami Village

Pokemon Speech Translator

No Evil Team

Starter Concept Break From Tradition aka ‘go with your favorite but Eletux is da best’

This time starters are all dual type and two of them learns a STAB move upon obtaining. To make it more fun, players actually don’t directly choose their starters, but they are decided based upon performance on a basic trainer personality test by the regional professor (aggressive fire, balanced water, and defensive grass). Also, they only evolve once (meaning they are stuck in base form stats for extended periods of time!), and the last evolution is actually the Mega form. This means that trainers will have to make do with a stage 1 evolution starter until getting to the 7th gym which unlocks the secret of Mega Evolution. Did I mention this game isn’t for the faint of heart?

Digression: However, I think the starters aren’t exactly even in terms of battling power and usefulness. The water type is significantly more useful than the other two in terms of typing, usefulness, and well-roundedness. It hits hard, takes a load of hits, not too shabby speed stats, great typing and huge special movepool. The Mega Evolution gives it Drizzle which not only pumps its water types moves, but also maximizes Thunder’s accuracy which it gains STAB from. Effectively, water type is the starter to go to if you want a less frustrating game experience, the other two had significant drawbacks in typing and can easily lose certain matchups even with huge level advantages.

Wrapping Up The Pokemon Fallout

I think this will be the last time I will be blogging about Pokemon Uranium unless something huge happens (or I actually find enough time to write some tips that will most likely involve Nucleon worship).

Originally published at on December 17, 2016.

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